History Minor

New Version of the History Minor Approved for Fall 2018. 18 hours.

As of Fall 2018, the history minor requires you to complete 18 hours of coursework. By pursuing a history minor, student will benefit from smaller class sizes, and improve their research and writing skills.

Courses must include:

Hours Requirements
3 HIST 200
6 A minimum of 6 hours of 300-400 level History courses
9 A minimum of 9 additional hours of History classes, including 1 course focused on Non-Western History (see this list)
18 Total hours required

No more than two 100-level History Courses. Please use this checklist to keep track of your progress.

To declare a history minor, fill out this form, bring it to the Advising Office during express hours or an appointment, and take it to your college office.

Old Version of the History Minor: 21 hours

Students must have at least 9 hours in one of the following areas: US, European, or Nonwestern and 6 hours in a second of those fields.

Checklist (Spring 2009 - Spring 2018)
Area Distribution Chart

Hours Requirements
6 Six hours of coursework in History at any level*
9 A minimum of 9 hours of 300- or 400- level History courses taken on the Champaign-Urbana campus, with permission, 3 hours may be study abroad hours.
6 A minimum of 6 additional hours of History courses above the 100-level
21 Total hours required

*A maximum of 6 hours at the 100-level may be used in the minor.