Connor Research
A SourceLab student presenting research at the Illinois State Legislature in Springfield

Our undergraduates have many opportunities to pursue individual research projects on topics of their own choosing.  History is a great subject for students who like to pursue their own passions because of the scope of the field, and the breadth and depth of the faculty at Illinois make it a particularly good place to pursue independent research under expert guidance. 

Our students also have ample opportunities to participate in group research projects.  Below are some of the current undergraduate history research initiatives going on. Many history students also participate in events and get support through the Office of Undergraduate Research.

HIST 199: Directed Undergraduate Research

This course is intended to provide directed research experiences to undergraduate students. This experience will be earned by engaging in research activities under the supervision of a faculty or graduate student research advisor and mentor. Specific activities and research topics will vary based on the research project the supervisor undertakes.

The primary goal of this course is to provide the student with hands-on experience in a collaborative historical research project. Over the course of the semester, students will work on a research project under the close supervision of a faculty member or advanced graduate student. Students will gain a better understanding of the professional historian’s craft. They will also develop communications, analysis, translation, collaborative, data management and other skills, depending on the research project.

Public History @ UIUC

Explore, document, and promote hidden and forgotten stories and persons connected to our campus and the wider Champaign-Urbana community.


Our students are developing classroom-based publishing practices and technologies that will help people interested in history take advantage of newly-digitized materials more knowledgably and efficiently.

Publishing Opportunities

There are many other undergrad research publishing opportunities to help you gain the experience you need.