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History Department Advising

Our mission is to support history students meet their academic and professional goals. We want to point you to exciting opportunities, invite you to grow intellectually, encourage you to prepare for life after college and help ensure you stay on track for graduation.

Schedule an Appointment

Please use the online scheduler to make an appointment with Stefan. Choose “History Advising” in the drop-down menu. Email if you don't see a time that works for you.

Express Hours:

Express Advising Hours are Monday through Friday, 1:30-2:30pm during fall and spring semesters.  Express hours are for 5 minute meetings for quick questions, DARS adjustments, and signing forms. There is no Express Advising during the summer term, during the very busy registration period (during Priority Registration), or during the first week of the semester (due to increased demand for lengthier appointments). 

What can we help with?
  • Declaring a history major
  • Declaring a history minor
  • Providing information on the History Honors track
  • Planning out semester schedules and longer-term course planning
  • General Education and residency requirements
  • Checking your progress toward completing degree requirements
  • Credit/no-credit forms
  • Inquiries about the social studies secondary education minor
  • Study Abroad history course approval and helping locate Study Abroad programs
  • Potential internship opportunities and career planning
  • Developing a plan of study which aligns with post-graduate educational or other post-collegiate plans 
  • Connecting with other campus units for help with problems 


Stefan Djordjevic
Stefan Djordjevic

Stefan Djordjevic, Academic Advisor
Office: 305 Gregory Hall
Phone: 217.333.1155

Please make an appointment using the online scheduler.