Gregory Hall at 810 South Wright Street in Urbana houses the Department of History.  It is an E-shaped building and is located on the Quadrangle with Lincoln Hall to the north and Foellinger Auditorium to the east.  The Main Library, including the History, Philosophy, and Newspaper Library, is to the southwest, making Greg Hall a convenient campus location.

Room 309

309 Greg Hall is the main department office housing the Chair's Office, Business Office, the Graduate Secretary, and the department lounge.  In the lounge are hot water, coffee, tea, and hot chocolate for a nominal price.  A few recent newspapers and journals, as well as information on funding opportunities are also kept there.  The friendly office staff is very helpful when needed.

Hall 300-306 Mailboxes

Just across the hall from the main office you will find the mailboxes for all Faculty as well mailboxes for all registered graduate students in town. This hallway is open during business hours Monday - Friday 8 am - 5 pm.  Your student ID allows you access to this hallway after hours.

Rooms 435-439 and the Graduate Lounge

Most of the TA offices are in 435-439 Greg Hall, which is a good place to go if you are seeking advice from other graduate students on a particular issue and has a computer lab. 436-439 can be accessed via 435.  The lounge, located next to Room 435, is accessible any time the TA office is open, with a numerical code. The lounge has a fridge and a microwave for lunch.  It is a very comfortable place to read, eat, and talk with other graduate students.