Graduate Studies at Illinois

With an accomplished and innovative faculty in a wide range of fields of study, an active and supportive intellectual community, and the resources of one of the world’s great research libraries, the History Department of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign offers an ideal environment for graduate study. In coursework and in their research and writing, Illinois history graduate students have been exploring an extraordinary range and diversity of topics, themes, and time periods.

A rich array of courses allows students to familiarize themselves with current scholarship in both geographic-chronological and comparative-thematic fields. The program is designed so that students begin primary-source research and analytical writing from their first year in the program. We also have a very developed system of advising and mentoring.

Extracurricular colloquia, reading groups, lectures by visiting scholars, workshops, and other events keep faculty and students engaged with cutting-edge research and interpretation.

Our goal is for every Illinois PhD to leave our program with the research record, teaching experience, and professional training necessary to succeed in the academic job market and beyond.

Welcome to our Department - have a look around!

For more information contact Prof. Mark D. Steinberg, Director of Graduate Studies,

Recent graduate student news:

Major national fellowships for 2017-2018 won by current students for their research and writing:

Fulbright fellowships: Marco Jaimes, Matthew Klopfenstein, Elizabeth Matsushita, and Peter Thompson

American Councils Title VIII Research Scholar Program: Peter Wright

In addition, five history graduate students students will be IPRH fellows next year, ten received FLAS fellowships, and one has a fellowship from the Lehmann center.


For information on recent PhDs awarded and recent postdoctoral fellowships and employment, see these items in the menu.