Current Students

Dear students,

In these pages, you will find information on coursework, advising, fields of study, preliminary exams, financial support, official forms for various purposes, and other information.

It is worth consulting these pages regularly as you progress through the program. If you see anything that can be improved or needs to be updated, please let me know. You may also consult the policies contained in the Graduate College Handbook, and refer further questions to Shannon Croft or myself.

Remember: this is your education. We all want it to be as pleasurable, inspiring, and supportive as possible. There are many requirements and expectations, but all are intended to encourage intellectual breadth and depth, new thinking about approaches to the study of the past, and training in a range of professional skills to help you succeed in academe and many diverse career paths. I am always here to help, but you must also be an active partner in this process. You shape your own program in many ways, in assiduous conversation with advisors and other faculty mentors, as well as with fellow graduate students.  We are all here to support you in every way, as you pursue your own vision and goals.

With warm wishes,

Carol Symes
Director of Graduate Studies