Current Students

In the following pages you will find information on requirements, advising, fields of study, progressing though the program from courses to dissertation defense, financial support, official forms for various purposes, student groups, and other information.

This represents the History Graduate Handbook, which was revised in 2017 with the help of a committee of HGSA members. I am grateful for their help in simplifying and clarifying the many rules and expectations. It is worth consulting these pages as appropriate to your stage in the program. If you see problems or explanations that can be improved, let me know. It is also important to consult the policies of the Graduate College--many questions can be answered there: the Graduate College Handbook is available at

In general, I am always ready to hear from you. Graduate study is a complex process, full of challenges and possibilities. My job, along with the Graduate Secretary and your faculty advisors and office staff, is to help make this as enjoyable and successful as possible in the world as it is.


Mark Steinberg, Director of Graduate Studies