Master of Arts Degree

The Department of History does not currently accept students for the terminal MA degree. However, it is recommended that all students apply for the MA degree during the course of their graduate program. Students qualify for the MA degree by completing 32 hours of coursework (8 courses of 4 hours credit each) with a GPA of at least 3.0 within five calendar years from their date of registration and must not have been awarded an MA in History from a previous institution. This coursework must include:

  • One research seminar with a grade of B or better  

  • Two courses in each of two of the fields of specialization offered by the department.

  • Two additional 500-level courses in history

  • Students must demonstrate competence in one foreign language appropriate to the main field of study.

Students may take up to two of the required eight courses in departments other than History, provided that the courses are relevant to their program and approved by the DGS. Language courses may be approved for this purpose.

Students may elect to present a master's thesis as part of the requirement for the degree. A thesis does not replace the research seminar requirement. Eight hours of graduate credit may be granted for the thesis.

Upon completion of the requirements, you should complete a Graduate Student Request Form for the application for the MA degree and add your name to the degree list via Student Self-Service once your petition is approved by the Graduate College.