Tuition and Fees

Tuition and fees are based on the student's residency status, the specific graduate program, and the amount of credit taken each term. To be considered full-time, students must be registered for 12 or more semester hours without a teaching assistantship or gradership, and eight hours with a teaching assistantship or gradership. Current tuition and fee information is available through the Graduate College and Office of the Registrar. Departmental fellowships and assistantships are subsidized with a tuition and partial fee waiver.  For details on this partial fee waiver,  see the discussion by the Graduate Employees’ Organization.

The Department of History recommends that all students consider the financial information provided to be an estimate of expenses. Additional expenses that all students should be prepared to cover include: moving expenses (including start-up utility costs), transportation, books and supplies, food, and summer living costs. This is in addition to university fees including health insurance, a Health Center Fee, and other fees, totaling approximately $700/semester.  You should also be aware that your first paycheck does not come until September 16, so plan accordingly.