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4045 FLB
707 S Mathews Ave
Urbana, IL 61801

Assistant Professor


In 2015, Clara Bosak-Schroeder joined the Classics department of UIUC where she is also an affiliate of History, Medieval Studies,  Comparative and World Literature, and the Unit for Criticism and Interpretive Theory. She received her PhD in Classical Studies from the University of Michigan, with certificates in Greek and Roman History and Graduate Teaching, and a BA in Classical Languages from UC Berkeley. Since joining UIUC, Clara has won a Faculty Fellowship from IPRH (2017-2018), a Junior Fellowship from the Unit for Criticism and Interpretive Theory (2018-2020), and has been recognized as a LEAP Scholar (2018-2020). Clara works at the intersection of classics and the environmental humanities, with a focus on Greek and Roman historiography and technical literature. Tiny robotic theaters, giant elephant puppets, and hairy women have appeared in her publications. Clara's book project, Other Natures: Environmental Encounters With Ancient Greek Ethnography, demonstrates that the first “environment” of the western intellectual tradition intertwined nature and culture and cast humans and nonhumans in complex, interdependent relationships. A second project applies new materialisms to classical reception studies while a third investigates the dialogue between classical scholarship and early modern primatology.

Research Interests

environmental humanities, environmental history, race and ethnicity, sex/gender studies

Additional Campus Affiliations

Assistant Professor, Classics
Assistant Professor, Unit for Criticism and Interpretive Theory

Recent Publications

Bosak-Schroeder, C. R. M. (2019). Making specimens in the periplus of Hanno and its imperial tradition. American Journal of Philology, 140(1), 67-100.

Bosak-Schroeder, C. R. M. (2017). Fabricated Elephants and Confused Horses: How Smell Constructs Non/humanity. Paper presented at 148th meeting of the Society for Classical Studies, Toronto, Canada.

Bosak-Schroeder, C. R. M. (2017). The Utopia-Slavery Phenomenon: Reading Comic Fragments with Barad. Paper presented at Materiality, Representation, and Performance in Archaic and Classical Greek Poetry
, Edinburgh, United Kingdom.

Bosak-Schroeder, C. R. M. (2016). Seeing Gorgon Skins. Paper presented at Feminism and Classics VII, Seattle, United States.

Bosak-Schroeder, C. (2016). The Religious Life of Greek Automata. Archiv fur Religionsgeschichte, 17(1), 123-136.

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