The Department of History at the University of Illinois has long maintained an excellent record of financial support for its PhD students. As long as individuals are making good and timely progress through the program, the department is generally able to offer full support until the completion and defense of the dissertation. Financial support opportunities include fellowships, teaching assistantships, and research assistantships, as well as Graduate College fellowships for incoming underrepresented students and students with an exceptional record of academic achievement. Many of our advanced students are students are the recipients of prestigious and highly competitive international and national awards and grants.

When students are accepted into the program, letters of admission will provide details of a multi-year financial aid package. This package usually includes a fellowship for the first year and guarantees at least five years of funding. However, the department is committed to supporting all eligible students for the duration of their training. The department also provides pre-dissertation research grants for all students, as well as fellowships for dissertation travel and research. The Graduate College and the Office of External Fellowships are also an indispensable sources for finding external sources of funding.

Students who require language training in a number of fields are also eligible to apply for Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) fellowships.

Support of MA-MSLIS students: the department does not currently have resources to support  fellowships or TAships for students in the dual degree program. However, there are many opportunities for employment on campus, including in the library through the iSchool. Most of these appointments include tuition and partial fee waivers.

For more detailed information, see the "Financial Support" section under the resources for  "Current Students."