History Harvest: Collaborative Digital Public History

HIST 358
Harvest, Van Gogh

Students work with instructor and community collaborators to host a “History Harvest,” an event during which community members share personal stories about and artifacts related to a particular event, historical development, and/or place. The class will catalog the images and recordings gathered and use them to present digital exhibits. Readings include relevant historical works for context and methodological works on public and digital history skills needed for the project. Students will develop hands-on experience with these skills. The theme for this History Harvest class is “Urban Transformations in Champaign Urbana.” It is inspired by ongoing transformations in the urban landscape of midtown Champaign as well as downtown Champaign and Urbana. We will be seeking to document the ways these transformations have affected the homes, work, and daily routines of a variety of C-U communities.

T/R 3.30-4.50PM

Instructor: Professor Kathryn (Kathy) Oberdeck