Western Civ since 1660

HIST 142

Over the course of the past three and a half centuries, Europe has had an enormous impact on shaping the world we live in today. This semester, while learning how events, ideologies, and isms (nationalism, imperialism, fascism, feminism, etc.) have contributed to the evolution of European history, we will be paying particular attention to the exploration of one central concern: the construction of our own uniquely modern identities. What motivates us to act as we do? What kinds of experiences have led us to adopt particular political and religious beliefs? What types of knowledge guide our perceptions concerning others and ourselves? Our goal will be to learn what it means to think historically about the connections between the development of modern Europe and the development of the modern individual. The historical analysis of music, art and film as well as textual sources will be integral to our work.

MW 9
3 Gen Eds:
Cultural Studies - Western; Humanities – Hist & Phil; Advanced Comp, too, as HIST 143

Instructor: Prof. Chaplin