Modern Japanese History

HIST 227
History of Modern Japan

This course provides a survey of the past four centuries of history in Japan from the origins of the warrior-dominated Tokugawa regime (about 1600) through the social and economic malaise that has followed the collapse of the 1980s “bubble economy.” Every effort will also be made to introduce you to a variety of historical actors—warriors, farmers, activists, artists, entrepreneurs, politicians—with the aim of showing you the diverse perspectives from which we can view and discuss modern Japan. During this course, you will read a number of written texts, both primary and secondary, and be introduced to a variety of visual sources. By the end, you should gain a better understanding of the origins and changes within modern Japanese society and know how to initiate and carry out your own historical research.

Monday/Wednesday/Friday: 10.00-10.50 AM

Instructor: Prof. Roderick Wilson

Gen Eds: Humanities - Hist & Phil, Non-West Cultural Studies