Modern Latin America

HIST 106
group of women and children

This course examines the history of Latin America since independence, focusing on subjects such as the Cuban and Mexican Revolutions, cycles of dictatorship, and patterns of uneven economic development. We will look at experiences with slavery and emancipation, massive immigration, labor struggles, and women's movement. Latin American's history is interconnected with that of the United States. We will reflect on these connections with the United States as we explore the Americas' varied yet shared paths from colonies to nations.

MW 11-12:20
Gen Ed: Nonwest & Humanities

Instructor: Prof. Jerry Dávila

Image: “In Brazil, when the armed forces overthrew the government in 1964 and installed a 21-year military dictatorship, a group of women and children gathered in the newsroom of the Correio da Manhã newspaper to draft a letter asking for the release of husbands and fathers detained by the military. After the government forced the newspaper out of business, its photo archive -including this image - was donated to the Brazilian National Archives.”

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