History of Medicine in the United States

HIST 263
History of Medicine

Medicine and public health in the United States from the colonial period through the twentieth century. Topics include medical theories, therapeutic practices, and institutions (medical schools, hospitals, asylums, clinics) and how they have been determined by science, culture, politics, law, and social structures. In addition, we will examine specific diseases and epidemics (including polio, cancer, AIDS); health care providers, patients, and public policy. Throughout, the course highlights race, sex, (dis)ability, and other social categories that have affected medical care (or its lack) and that have been defined in medical terms. The course includes analysis and discussion of original documents, memoirs, art, and film.

Monday/Wednesday: 2.00-3.20 PM
Instructor: Prof. Leslie Reagan
Gen Eds: Humanities - Hist & Phil, US Minority Cultural Studies