The Department of History is pleased to announce the winners of our 2023-2024 annual awards. These awards celebrate our faculty, lecturers, undergraduate, and graduate students to thank them for their dedicated service to our department. They also provide funding and scholarships for their research and education and honor the excellence of their work. We are grateful to the support of our donors for making these awards possible. 

Teaching Awards

Dr. Charles DeBenedetti Award for Teaching Excellence by a Teaching Assistant

  • Chloe Parrella

George S. & Glady’s W. Queen Excellence in Teaching Award in History

  • Marc Hertzman

Other Awards

Chair’s Award

  • Alexandra Sundrasingh
  • Adam LoBue

Robert H. Bierma Scholarship for Superior Academic Merit in History (College of LAS)

  • Will Doty
  • Marge Holohan
  • Chrissy Kim
  • Justin Wytmar

Adele M. Suslick Award for Historical Research

  • Isabella Sauer
  • Anna Sielaff

Undergraduate Awards and Honors

History Distinguished Service Award

  • Devin Manley
  • Julie Matuszewski

C. Ernest Dawn Undergraduate Research Travel Award

  • Justin Wytmar
  • Anthony Erkan
  • Isabella Sauer
  • Will Doty

Jayne and Richard Burkhardt Scholarship for Outstanding Undergraduate Achievement

  • Coralyn Johnson
  • Rosette Pavkov
  • Victoria Siek
  • Noah Yeager

John and Judith Steinberg-Alfonsi Scholarship for Outstanding History Undergraduate and Academic Excellence

  • Anthony Erkan

Martha Belle Barrett Scholarship for Undergraduate Academic Excellence

  • Eunjoo Kim
  • Sasha Rushing

Michael Scher Award for Outstanding Undergraduate Paper

  • Justin Wytmar: “Brahmins, Bayaderes, and Boulevards: The Representation of India on the French Musical Stage, 1582-1923”

Thomas A. Manning Memorial Scholarship:

  • Will Doty
  • Jai O'Dell

Robert W. Johannsen Undergraduate US History Scholarship

  • Katelyn Barbour
  • James Perkovich

Walter N. Breymann Scholarship for Outstanding Undergraduate History Majors

  • Rachel Mulick
  • Isabella Sauer
  • Marcia Szczybura
  • Justin Wytmar

William and Virginia Waterman Scholarship in Academic Excellence

  • Marge Holohan

Winton U. Solberg Family Scholarship

  • Colin Stanhope

Winton U. Solberg History Award

  • James Perkovich

Winton U. Solberg Memorial Scholarship

  • Joe Griffith

Graduate Awards

J. David Hoeveler Summer Research Scholarship

  • Cade Meinel

Joseph Ward Swain Prize for Outstanding Seminar Paper

  • Christopher Goodwin: “Racial Colonists in the Nazi East: Disabled Veterans and the Malleable Boundaries of Race, Masculinity, and Disability”

Robert McColley Graduate Student Research Fund Award

  • Tabitha Cochran
  • Leonardo E. Silva Ventura

Wilda M. Smith Scholarship

  • Ben Wallis

William and Virginia Waterman Scholarship

  • Grace Eberhardt
  • George Kumasenu
  • Nathan Runels