Trish Loughran

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102A English

Associate Professor

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Associate Professor, English
Associate Professor, Unit for Criticism and Interpretive Theory

Recent Publications

Loughran, T. (2017). Theorizing Early American Information Culture: From Communication Frontier to Network Analysis. Reviews in American History, 45(1), 11-17.

Loughran, P. (2014). Books in the nation. In L. Howsam (Ed.), The Cambridge Companion to the History of the Book (pp. 36-52). (Cambridge Companions to Literature). Cambridge University Press.

Loughran, P. (2012). Reading in the Present Tense: Benito Cereno and the Time of Reading . In C. Weinstein, & C. Looby (Eds.), American Literature's Aesthetic Dimensions (pp. 219-241). New York: Columbia University Press.

Loughran, T. (2010). The Early Republic: Forms and Readers. In P. Lauter (Ed.), A Companion to American Literature and Culture (pp. 192-205). Wiley Blackwell.

Loughran, P. (2009). Transcendental Islam: The worlding of our America: A response to Wai Chee Dimock. American Literary History, 21(1), 53-66.

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