John W. Randolph

 John Randolph

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309 Gregory Hall, MC-466, 810 S. Wright St.
Associate Professor
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Journal Articles

Randolph, John W "That historical family": The bakunin archive and the intimate theater of history in imperial Russia, 1780-1925 Russian Review 63 4 2004, p. 574-593.
The Singing Coachman or, The Road and Russia’s Ethnographic Invention in Early Modern Times Journal of Early Modern History 11 1-2 2007, p. 33-61.
Randolph, John The Emancipation of Varvara Dyakova: Hegel, Sex, and the Call to Actuality in Imperial Russian Social Thought Gender & History 18 2 2006, p. 311-31.


Randolph, John The House in the Garden: The Bakunin Family and the Romance of Russian Idealism Ithaca Cornell University Press 2007.