John W. Randolph

 John Randolph

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309 Gregory Hall, MC-466, 810 S. Wright St.
Associate Professor
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Selected Publications

Edited Books

Randolph, John, and Eugene M. Avrutin Russia in Motion: Cultures of Mobility, 1850 to the Present Urbana, IL University of Illinois 2012.

Journal Articles

The Singing Coachman or, The Road and Russia’s Ethnographic Invention in Early Modern Times Journal of Early Modern History 11 1-2 2007, p. 33-61.
Randolph, John The Emancipation of Varvara Dyakova: Hegel, Sex, and the Call to Actuality in Imperial Russian Social Thought Gender & History 18 2 2006, p. 311-31.


Randolph, John The House in the Garden: The Bakunin Family and the Romance of Russian Idealism Ithaca Cornell University Press 2007.

Website Articles

Imagining the Petersburg-Moscow Road in the Late 18th Century Russian History Blog 2012. Website.

Book Contributions

The Space of Intellect and the Intellect of Space Rethinking Modern European Intellectual History edited by Darrin McMahon, compiled by Samuel Moyn. The Space of Intellect and the Intellect of Space Edited by Darrin McMahon, Compiled by Samuel Moyn, Oxford, UK Oxford 2014, p. 212-231.

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