James R Barrett

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304A Gregory Hall
Professor Emeritus

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Professor - African American Studies

Highlighted Publications


Barrett, James R The Irish Way: Becoming American in the Multi-Ethnic City New York Penguin Press 2012.

William Z. Foster and the Tragedy of American Radicalism Urbana U of Illinois Press 2000.

Hapgood, Hutchins The Spirit of Labor Edited by James Barrett, Urbana University of Illinois Press 2004.

Barrett, James R History from the Bottom, Up: Race, Ethnicity, and Identity in Working Class History Durham, NC Duke University Press 2017.


Barrett, James R "Was the Personal Political? Reading the Autobiography of American Communism" International Review of Social History 2009.

"Rethinking the Popular Front" Rethinking Marxism 2009.


Barrett, James R "The Blessed Virgin Made Me a Socialist Historian: An Experiment in Autobiography and the Historiography of Race and Class" Faith in History Urbana University of Illinois Press 2007.

Barrett, James R “The Heritage of Social Class and Class Conflict on Chicago’s South Side” On Location: Historic Cities and Sites edited by R. Ruggles. Geneva Springer 2011.