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Laura Frances Goffman

Assistant Professor

Research Description

Laura Frances Goffman is a historian of health in the modern Middle East. Her research focuses on the intersections of public health, empire, state building, and social change in the Persian Gulf and Arabian Peninsula. She is committed to bringing the Gulf region into discussions of world history, especially narratives of how migration, gender, citizenship, and state formation intersect with the movement of disease.


Ph.D., Department of History, Georgetown University

M.A., Near Eastern Studies, New York University

B.A., History, Grinnell College

Additional Campus Affiliations

Assistant Professor, History
Assistant Professor, Center for South Asian and Middle Eastern Studies

Recent Publications

Goffman, L. F. (2023). Popular Politics and Epidemics in Eastern Arabia. Labor: Studies in Working-Class History, 20(2), 74-94.

Goffman, L. F. (2021). A Jar of Shaykhs' Teeth: Medicine, Politics, and the Fragments of History in Kuwait. International Journal of Middle East Studies, 53(4), 589-603.

Goffman, L. F. (2021). Waiting for AIDS in Kuwait. Radical History Review, 2021(140), 21-48.

Goffman, L. F. (2020). Malaria and Empire in Bahrain, 1931-1947. (Gulf Monographic Series; No. 7). Gulf Studies Center.

Goffman, L. F. (2019). Medicine and Health in the Modern Middle East and North Africa. The Arab Studies Journal, XXVII(2).

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