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Dale Mize

Ph.D. Student


Dale started in the doctoral program at UIUC in Fall 2023. Dale's research interests revolve around the intersection of rural and urban spaces, paying particular attention to the agricultural community and its impact in the modern era of the United States. As a first-generation college student, Dale's research interests emerged from a curiosity about where and how he grew up. Growing up in a rural farm town is an experience shared by many in the United States. However, as a historian, Dale began to think about the ways his community shaped who he became. Consequently, Dale tends to use community history methods to approach historical topics. Community history uses oral history techniques, archival research, and shared authority models to collect historical information about individuals, families, important events, and everyday life. Through this methodology, Dale creates works that reflect the perspectives and values of the communities he works with. Keeping this in mind, it is important to Dale that his public history background combines with his academic works to make them accessible to a broader audience. 

Research Interests

Agricultural History

Public History

Modern U.S.

Environmental History

Women, Gender, and Sexuality

History of the American West

Research Description

In 2022, during his time at CSU, Dale helped create the Art of Ranching project which focuses on community history. The Art of Ranching (AOR) is a collaborative community history project that works with 4-H youth and historic family and/or Centennial farms and ranches to make visible the agricultural labor and legacy of Colorado communities. Even here at UIUC Dale continues to be a part of the Art of Ranching Team as a project consultant.


M.A. History, Colorado State University

B.A. Political Theory and Constitutional Democracy, Michigan State University