Proficiency Exams

Proficiency exams are offered for the Fall and Spring Semesters only.  We will be offering proficiency testing for HIST 141, 142, 171, and 172.  If you are interested in taking a written proficiency exam, please consult the reading list below.  An online registration form will be available at this link the week before classes resume.  Questions may be directed to the History Department  BEFORE the first week of classes.  Books are available now via the online Illini Union Bookstore. 

The Spring 2019 exam date is:

Tuesday January 15, at 5 PM. Students are allowed 3 hours to complete the exam.

Exams for all four classes will be available at this session; students must be pre-qualified and may test for a maximum of one class per semester.  The Department prohibits the retaking of any proficiency examination which a student has failed. See other restrictions below.


SP19 HIST 141 Reading List:

  1. Cole & Symes    Western Civilizations, 19th edn, volume 1  packaged with Perspectives on the Past, volume 1                9780393650402  2017       WW Norton

SP19 HIST 142 Reading List:

  1. Henrik Ibsen      A Doll’s House   9780486270623  1992       Dover
  2. Joseph Conrad  Heart of Darkness             9780486475677 2009       Dover
  3. Primo Levi           Survival in Auschwitz                      1996       Touchstone
  4. Slavenka Drakulic             How We Survived Communism and Even Laughed           9780684826806  1993.0   Harper/Perrenial
  5. Lynn Hunt,               The Making of the West: Peoples and Cultures, Vol II, Since 1500              978-0060975401                2018                Bedford/St.Martin’s

SP19 HIST 171 Reading List:

  1. Spencie Love     One Blood: The Death and Resurrection of Charles Drew              978-0807846827                2000       U North Carolina Press
  2. Eric Foner            Give Me Liberty! An American History Vol 1         978-0393614183                5th - 2017            WW Norton Seagull
  3. Eric Foner            Voices of Freedom:  A Documentary History       978-0393614497                5th - 2017            WW Norton Seagull


SP19 HIST 172 Reading List:

  1. James Roark and Michael P. Johnson        The American Promise   vol. II  Seventh edition.               9781319062002  ©2017 7th edition  nl
  2. Michael P. Johnson         Reading the American Past Vol 2              978-0-312-56377-6           2012 5th ed        Macmillan
  3. Jane Addams     Twenty Years at Hull House        9780312157067  1999       Bedford Books



Please check Proficiency Exam Info from Student Code for additional information, and consult this webpage for updates.