Proficiency Exams

Proficiency exams are offered for the Fall and Spring Semesters only.  We will be offering proficiency testing for HIST 141, 142, 171, and 172.  If you are interested in taking a written proficiency exam, please consult the reading list below.  An online registration form will be available at this link the week before classes resume.  Questions may be directed to the History Department  BEFORE the first week of classes.  Books are available now via the online Illini Union Bookstore. 

Fall 2018 exams will be offered on Tuesday, September 4 (9:00am to 12:00 noon) and (1:30pm to 4:30pm), and on Wednesday, September 5 (9:00am to 12:00 noon).  We reserve the right to cancel any of the test sessions if no eligible students register by the registration deadline.

HIST 141 Reading List:

  1. Return Of Martin Guerre, Davis, ISBN 9780674766914, Copyright: 83, Publisher: Harvard
  2. History Of Western Society V.1 (Ll)W/Reader, Mckay, ISBN 9781319123642, Copyright: 16, Publisher: Mps, Edition: 12
  3. Sources for Western Society, Vol. 1 (3rd edition), McKay et al, ISBN: 978-1457615191, Bedford/St. Martin's ( book may be in a package with History of Western Society for a discount)

HIST 142 Reading List:

  1. Condition Of Working Class In England, Engels, ISBN 9780140444865, Copyright: 87, Publisher: Penguin
  2. Candide (Trans: Butt), Voltaire, ISBN 9780140440041, Copyright: 47, Publisher: Penguin
  3. Drowned & The Saved, Levi, ISBN 9780679721864, Copyright: 88, Publisher: Random
  4. Frankenstein 1818 Text (Ed: Butler), Shelley, ISBN 9780199537150, Copyright: 08, Publisher: Oxford
  5. Interesting Narrative Of Life Of Oladuah Equiano, Allison, ISBN 9781319048914, Copyright: 16, Publisher: St Martins, Edition: 3
  6. The West: A New History W/Reg.Card, Grafton, ISBN 9780393640861, Copyright: 18, Publisher: Norton, Edition: 1
  7. Interesting Narrative Of The Life Of Olaudah Equiano (Dc), Allison, ISBN 9781319049928, Edition: 3, Digital Content (OPTIONAL)
  8. The West: A New History (Vol. 2) (Dc), Grafton, ISBN 9780393640892, Edition: 0, Digital Content (OPTIONAL)

HIST 171 Reading List:

  1. Radicalism Of The American Revolution, Wood, ISBN 9780679736882, Copyright: 91, Publisher: Random
  2. Gulf Of Fire, Molesky, ISBN 9780307387509, Copyright: 16, Publisher: Bantam
  3. La Nouvelle France, Moogk, ISBN 9780870135286, Copyright: 00, Publisher: Mich St

HIST 172 Reading List:

  1. Coming Of Age In Mississippi (Rack Size), Moody, ISBN 9780440314882, Publisher: Dell
  2. Give Me Liberty:Brief V2 W/Ebk & Inq + Voices Of Freedom,  Foner,  ISBN 9780393649697, Publisher: Norton


Please check Proficiency Exam Info from Student Code for additional information, and consult this webpage for updates.