Graduate Admissions

1. Admissions schedule, 2017-18

  • December 12: closing date at 5:00pm for submitting applications (December 1 for Aspire applicants)
  • December 14: preliminary meeting of Admissions Committee
  • December 15: Aspire nomination(s) due, preceded by faculty and Admissions Committee feedback.
  • December 16-January 8: Admissions committee reviews files and seeks wide faculty input.
  • January 16-18: Deadlines for Illinois Distinguished and Graduate College URM fellowships round 1
  • January 22: Deadline for  faculty evaluations of files and area subcommittee ranked lists to DGS
  • Saturday January 27: Admissions committee meeting.
  • March 2. Gender and Women’s grad symposium
  • March 11-12: Graduate College Community of Scholars grad student visiting programs
  • March 13-14:  History Department’s Prospective Graduate Student Visiting Days: Diversity Recruitment Symposium (organized by Diversity Committee) on Wednesday the 14th (due to space availability) 9-2. Reception at DGS house on Tuesday the 13th.
  • April 15: Deadline for student acceptances

2. Slate instructions

3. Recruitment information: "faculty first," sample itinerary, etc -- coming soon

4. Admissions Committee 2018: DGS plus area subcommittees:

  • United States:  Augusto Espiritu and Leslie Reagan
  • Europe (including Russia/Eurasia): Harry Liebersohn and Carol Symes
  • AALAME plus Empire/Colonialism: Tariq Ali and Claudia Brosseder