1. Admissions schedule, 2018-19

  • December 12: closing date at 5:00pm for applications.
  • starting December 17: Faculty asked to consult on files 
  • Nominations for Round 1 Graduate College Fellowship  due January 15: GCF, IDF, DGF/HA. Results February 14.
  • Saturday January 26: Admissions meeting in 300C Greg Hall starting at 9:00am.
  • February 18 – Deadline for Round 2 Nominations for Graduate College Fellowships GCF, IDF, DGF/HA
  • March 3-4: Graduate College Community of Scholars grad student visiting programs
  • March 5-6 History Department’s Prospective Graduate Student Recruitment Days, including Symposium organized by Diversity Committee
  • March 8. Gender and Women’s History grad symposium
  • April 15: Deadline for student acceptances

2. Slate instructions

3. Admissions Committee 2019: DGS plus area subcommittees (but we know that many students fall outside these geographic structures, so this is only for convenience)

  • United States:  Marsha Barrett and Adrian Burgos
  • Europe (including Russia/Eurasia): Gene Avrutin and Carol Symes
  • AALAME plus Empire/Colonialism: Jim Brennan and Marc Hertzman