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Margaret Jodlowski, ’12 – M.S. Candidate in Agricultural and Applied Economics

Big Business wants Historians

Investment bank Goldman Sachs has begun to earnestly prioritize hiring liberal arts majors.  Its very own CEO, Lloyd Blankfein, majored in history as an undergraduate.  Last year, the firm's head of “human capital management” said: "We want to hire not just the economics or business undergraduate but there is that pure liberal arts or history major that could be the next Lloyd Blankfein."

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interviewHistory majors at Illinois learn a lot about research, analysis, and problem solving, but they learn and describe these skills within an academic discipline that categorizes knowledge and competencies differently than the workplace does.

Famous History Majors

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Presidents of the United States

Theodore Roosevelt
Theodore Roosevelt

Theodore Roosevelt (also president of the American Historical Association, 1912)

Woodrow Wilson (also president of the American Historical Association, 1924)

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archives internsInternships are an essential way for history students to explore career paths and hone their skills.

We have developed relationships across campus with professionals who want to work with history students. Our interns have contributed to