Recent Senior Honors Theses

The following Honors Senior Theses were completed by students from the class of 2020: 

Spenser Bailey - "Tower Town: Chicago's Bohemia and the Realities of Urban Life, 1906-1936"

Rubab Hyder - "Inside and Outside the Archive: New Histories of Women in Indian Anti-coloniality During Twentieth Century Germany" 

Corbin Kakac - "Eyes on an E'er Retreating Prize: Understanding Evolution in the War-making Strategy of Alexander the Great"

Broderick Khoshbin - "The Hidden War: Injustice in the Wake of the Philippine-American War" 

Kavi Naidu - "Administrators and Acid: Mid-level Administrators Moderate Highs in Higher Education, 1967-1974"

Jensen Rehn - "Envisioning Emancipation in the Land of Lincoln: Contextualizing Commemorations in Illinois, 1863-1963"

Zhuohun (Tom) Wang - "Roman Cistophori: Economic Policy and Political Message in Asia Minor, 133 B.C.E - 18 B.C.E" 


The following Honors Senior Theses were completed by students from the class of 2019:

Zain Al-Khalil, "History, Memory and the Integrity of the Law in Postwar France"

Brandon Nakashima, "From the Shadows of Hickory Hill: An Archeological and Historical Analysis on the Lives of the Enslaved Laborers of the United States Saline"

Grant T. Neal, "Mind the Gap: An Analysis of the Merging Relationship Between Irish Republicans and the Catholic Clergy, 1976-1981"

Terrell Spurlock Jr., "'And You say Chi-City!': Chicago's Untold Hip-Hop History."


The following Honors Senior Theses were completed by students from the class of 2018:

Joshua Altshuler, "Eluding the Panel: Jewish American Identity and Memory through Graphic Life Writing."

Andrew Dawkins, “The Inquiry: Understanding United States Involvement in the Aftermath of the Fall of the Ottoman Empire in the Near East.”

Thomas Dowling, “The Last Machine: Mayor Daley, the Cook County Democratic Party, and the Collapse of the Chicago Political Machine.”

Nick Goodell, “The Experience of the Working Class in the German Revolution of November 1918.” 

Payton Heyen, “The Refusal of the Tired, Poor, and Huddled Masses.”

Caitlin Manwaring, “Slow-burn Christianization: Post-Conversion Social Transition in Anglo-Saxon England and Iceland.”

Rebeca Martínez, “Afro-Mexican Sexuality in New Spain, 1720-1789.”

Julie Reschke, "Shaping Public Opinion: The Los Angeles Times, ‘Operation Wetback,’ and the Manipulation of Media Power.”

Mary Elizabeth Schiavone, "An Unnatural and Detestable Crime: Accusations of Sodomy in the British Royal Navy, 1680-1830."

Bennett Stewart, “Labor Activism and Community Organizing in the Quad Cities: Re-imagining Latino Lives in the Midwest.”

Maria de la luz Valenzuela, "Remaking the Southwest Side: Race, Space and Neighborhood Stability in the Aftermath of the Chicago Freedom Movement."


The following Honors Senior Theses were completed by students from the class of 2017:

Thomas Hendrickson, "The Column of Arcadius: A Fallen Conduit of a Triumphal Legacy."

Alexandra Jaeckel, "Queenship During Crisis: Four Influential Women in England During the 11th-12th Century."

Brian Kite, "Masters of Their Own Fate: The Kurdish Rebellion in 1974."

Peter Miles, "Continuities and Change in Women’s Political Action: The October Days and the French Revolution."

Connor Monson, "Patronage and Party: The Spoils System and Reconstruction Era South Carolina."

Stephen Nye, "The Graduate Level of Warfare: Compromise and Continuity in the Counterinsurgency Field Manual."

William Ringhofer, "Red and Black in Bronzeville: The Civil Rights Congress in Chicago, 1946-1956."

Miguel Suárez Medina, "The Institution of the Palenque in Colonial Colombia: Military, Economic, and Political Mobilizations           Lisa Van, The Making of Kett’s Rebellion During the English Reformation."

Mindi Zhang, "The Patriots Far Away: A History of Chinese Students in the United States During the Early Twentieth Century."