Latin American History: The Incan Empire

HIST 205
Incan ruin

The Incan Empire has been celebrated as one of the greatest Empires in pre-modern times. Their engineering feats, their careful use of natural resources, their monumental architecture, their political ingeniousness, economic far-sightedness, and military prowess are all hailed as some of the greatest cultural and political achievements of South American cultures.

Yet much that has been written about the Incas is legendary. This course dives into the primary texts written in the Andes after the “fall of the Incan Empire.” These texts help us explore the complex socio-political, econom­ic, and religious spheres of the Incan empire. We will also consult scientific studies by engineers, architects, astronomers, art-historians, and historians who all try to solve the many riddles that surround the Incan Empire to this day.