Zachary J Riebeling


Research Interests

  • intellectual history
  • modern europe
  • history and theory
  • hermeneutics and literary theory

Research Description

I am writing my dissertation on the problem of meaning in history that confronted German intellectuals after the Second World War, with a specific focus on the thought of Karl Löwith, Reinhart Koselleck, and Eric Voegelin.  Via a consideration of the vestiges of trauma present in the work of these thinkers, I explore how experiences of exile, captivity, and world war were analyzed and understood through the medium of philosophical-historical criticism. Throughout, I trace how history's status as a source of meaning was thrown into question, as history itself became a possible source of trauma in the wake of twentieth-century catastrophe.


  • BA, History, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, 2009
  • MA, History, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, 2012