Billy Keniston

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309 Gregory Hall
810 S Wright
M/C 466
Urbana, IL 61801


Billy Keniston wishes he was born

            in a different place,

                        in a different time.

not any specific country,

                        or any specific era.

                  just not here,

                                       and not now.

By the time I was old enough

                        to understand my 'people'

                                             and my society...

I knew that

I didn't want to be a part of many of the things

that they believe in and do.

Research Interests

Whiteness; (Anti-)Apartheid; Slavery & Emancipation; Colonialism & Decolonization; Communism & Anti-Communism; Repression, Racial Violence... Resistance & Radical Thought

Research Description

In seeking to understand the rationality behind the violence of apartheid, my desire is not to lessen the well-deserved condemnation of the system. Rather, my concern is to offer a deeper understanding of the mechanisms of state repression - whether this took the form of batons, bombs or books - so that we might finally liberate ourselves from them.

Highlighted Publications


Choosing to Be Free: The Life Story of Rick Turner Johannesburg Jacana 2013.


The Weight of Absence: Rick Turner and the End of the Durban Moment Turner and His Times Theoria 64 151 2017. Online Edition.