Senior Spotlights

  • Amina is an accomplished artist and a published author, in addition to her work in museum and archival studies.
  • An exceptional musician and researcher, Benjamin is a passionate advocate of social change and experienced political organizer.
  • Sarah is graduating with double majors in History and Earth, Society and Environmental Sustainability (ESES). As a research assistant and undergraduate research intern at the Humanities Research Institute, she assisted Prof. Morrissey of the History Department with designing HIST 202.
  • Studying History and Italian has allowed Michael to connect with his Italian heritage and explore his love for Italian language and culture. Michael is a keen proponent of international education and a dedicated researcher whose passion is Native American History.
  • Yoss's involvement in the SourceLab initiative has combined her interests in the humanities and digital technologies.
  • Johnna is an accomplished scholar in three disciplines: Economics, History and Jewish Studies). Johnna believes in the power of public institutions to better the conditions of citizens and hopes that “one day I can serve as a judge and continue to help people."