The Department of History at the University of Illinois takes great is pride in its undergraduate majors, minors, and PhDs -- students who have gone on to pursue a range of careers and have enjoyed an equally impressive range of personal and professional accomplishments. If you are a former student from the Department, we very much want to hear from you. Please complete the LAS alumni update form. LAS Alumni & Friends Contact Form. If you are in the Champaign Urbana area, please stop by the Department to see your former professors or to join us for the various lecturers and conferences that take place during the academic year. Our department calendar can be viewed at: Departmental Calendar and please visit our website frequently for more updates from the department.

Friends of History Mission:

  • To build positive and ongoing relationships between friends, alumni, and the Department of History at the University of Illinois.
  • To share enthusiasm for critical understanding of the past and to cultivate an appreciation of the enduring power and relevance of that past in the present.
  • To celebrate the love history among professional historians, hobbyists, and everyone in between!

For ways to stay in touch with other graduates in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, visit the Alumni and Friends section of the LAS website at: LAS Alumni & Friends.