Fall 2019 Featured Courses

The History Department offers courses chronicling the immense breadth of human achievement and tragedy, from the soaring columns of the Parthenon to the sterile, industrial killing rooms at Auschwitz. In the History Department, we engage with the strangeness of the past. When one travels back in time, they discover new and alien worlds which frighten and delight in equal measure. The past is not the present in fancy dress! At the same time, we recognize that there is much we can discover from the past and that history continues to shape the present in manifold ways. As Martin Luther King Jr. understood, "we are made by history." 

Here are some featured courses for Fall 2019 that will lead you to strange new worlds while helping you understand your own:

  • HIST 268 The Darwinian Revolution - This course explores the origins of the most successful and comprehensive theory in the modern life sciences.
  • HIST 281 Constructing Race in America - This course is geared toward developing a historical understanding of the construction of race in the United States from the colonial period to the present. Through course materials, class discussions, and lectures, this course explores the making of race and white supremacy, as well as movements and organizations committed to racial justice and equality.
  • HIST 311 Global History of Intelligence - Put the on-screen heroics of Ethan Hunt and James Bond in a historical context as you study the histories of major intelligence organizations, the interplay between intelligence and state policy, and the role played by smaller and non-institutional actors in the global production of intelligence.
  • HIST 354 Twentieth Century Europe - Explore the history of Eastern Europe through some of the finest plays, novels, and films of the twentieth century,
  • HIST 422 Soc-Econ History of Modern China - Learn how China became a twenty-first century superpower and what that means for US-China relations in our lifetimes.