Highlighted Courses

HIST 358

History Harvest: Collaborative Digital Public History

Students work with instructor and community collaborators to host a “History Harvest,” an event during which community members share personal stories about and artifacts related to a particular event, historical development, and/or place.

HIST 141

Western Civ to 1660

This course explores the major processes, ideas, and events that formed societies from ancient Mesopotamia to the European colonization of the Americas: over four thousand years of human endeavor.
HIST 103

A History of Everything: The Big Bang to Big Data

This introductory survey in "Big History" explores different scales of time as it places human history in larger geological, ecological, and cosmic contexts.

HIST 200

Intro to Historical Interpretation

HIST 200 is a small, seminar course (capped at 20) which introduces students to the craft and discipline of history through case studies ranging from the history of human skin to the history of baseball.
HIST 100

Global History

Broad introduction to global history, by exploring the global structures and transnational forces that have shaped human history.
HIST 281

Constructing Race in America

This course offers an interdisciplinary examination of the historical, cultural, and social dimensions of race and ethnicity in the United States.