Highlighted Courses

HIST 105

Latin America to Independence

This class surveys the history of the colonial period (from 1492 to 1825) of what is now called Latin America.

HIST 227

Modern Japanese History

Introduction to the history of the Japanese people, their social and cultural systems, politics, and economy, from the mid-sixteenth century to the mid-twentieth century.
HIST 263

History of Medicine in the United States

Medicine and public health in the United States from the colonial period through the twentieth century. Topics include medical theories, therapeutic practices, and institutions (medical schools, hospitals, asylums, clinics) and how they have been determined by science, culture, politics, law, and social structures
HIST 312

Immigrant America

History of immigration and immigrant groups in the United States from 1830 to 1980. Covers major waves of immigration and focuses on the diverse cultural heritage, social structure, and political activism of immigrants from Europe, the Americas, and Asia.
HIST 381

Urban History

This course examines United States urban history through the lens of Chicago.
HIST 442

Roman Law and Legal Tradition

This course will look at how the law was administered in the Roman world and at the role of the Roman Senate, Roman emperors, and barbarian kings.